The 4 Big Myths of Profile Pictures

January 20th, 2010 by Christian Rudder

Hello, old friends. I am back from dark months of data mining, here now to present my ores. To write this piece, we cataloged over 7,000 photographs on, analyzing three primary things:

  • Facial Attitude. Is the person smiling? Staring straight ahead? Doing that flirty lip-pursing thing?
  • Photo Context. Is there alcohol? Is there a pet? Is the photo outdoors? Is it in a bedroom?
  • Skin. How much skin is the person showing? How much face? How much breasts? How much ripped abs?

In looking closely at the astonishingly wide variety of ways our users have chosen to represent themselves, we discovered much of the collective wisdom about profile pictures was wrong. For interested readers, I explain our measurement process, and how we collected our data, at the end of the post. All my bar charts are zeroed on the average picture. Now to the data.

It’s better to smile

One of the first things we noticed when diving into our pool of photos is that men and women have very different approaches to the camera.

Women smile about 50% more than men do and make that flirty-face four times as often.

Now, you’re always told to look happy and make eye contact in social situations, but at least for your online dating photo, that’s just not optimal advice. For women, a smile isn’t strictly better: she actually gets the most messages by flirting directly into the camera, like the center and right-hand subjects above.

Notice that, however, that flirting away from the camera is the single worst attitude a woman can take. Certain social etiquettes apply even online: if you’re going to be making eyes at someone, it should be with the person looking at your picture.

Men’s photos are most effective when they look away from the camera and don’t smile:

Maybe women want a little mystery. What is he looking at? Slashdot? Or Engadget?

It’s interesting that while making flirty eye contact is relatively okay for men, flirting away from the camera is the worst thing they, too, can do.

The MySpace Angle Is Busted

The universally-maligned MySpace angle is achieved by holding your camera above your head and being just so darn coy.

We were sure these pictures were lame; in fact, the prospect of producing hard data on just how lame got us all excited. But we were so wrong.

In terms of getting new messages, the MySpace shot is the single most effective photo type for women. We at first thought this was just because, typically, you can kind of see down the girl’s shirt with the camera at that angle&#8212indeed, that seems to be the point of shot in the first place—so we excluded all cleavage-showing shots from the pool and ran the numbers again. No change: it’s still the best shot; better, in fact, than straight-up boob pics (more on those later).


Guys should keep their shirts on

The male “Ab Shot” has the same reputation as the MySpace Shot—it’s an Internet cliché that supposedly everyone thinks is only for bozos. To wit: a journalist was visiting our office recently, and when we told her we were researching user photos, the first thing she said was “please tell me people hate it when guys show off their abs.” We hadn’t finished running the numbers yet, so we confidently reassured her that people did. The data contradicted us.

Of course, there is some self-selection here: the guys showing off their abs are the ones with abs worth showing, and naturally the best bodies get lots of messages. So we can’t recommend this photo tactic to every man. But, contrary to everything you read about profile pictures, if you’re a guy with a nice body, it’s actually better to take off your shirt than to leave it on. We would never suggest to a Fitzgerald or a Dave Eggers to limit his profile to 100 words, and so why should guys with great bodies keep their best asset under wraps?

Dating, both online and off is about playing to your strengths, and it should be no different for men with muscles, even if the classic pose is kinda hard to take:

After weeks of sorting through pictures, I started calling these guys headless horsemen.

An interesting caveat here is that a six-pack does seem to have a short shelf life: the effectiveness of the “abs pic” decreases sharply with age.

A 19 year-old showing his abs meets just under 1.4 women for every women he reaches out to, meaning that not only are females responding to his messages, but many are actually contacting him first. For a 31 year-old ab shower, that ratio has regressed to much closer to the average.

Because of our restricted data set for this post, we can only make confident claims for 19 to 31 year-olds right now, but it’s our strong suspicion that this downward trend continues with age. In the future perhaps we can investigate what’s behind the decline: is it because older guys and their older abs are inherently less attractive, or because women as they age find body shots less interesting?

One final point, vis à vis men, their torsos, and the clothing thereupon: if you’re not the type of guy who can show off your muscles, don’t veer off in the opposite direction and get all dressed up. Outfits more sophisticated than a simple collared shirt fare poorly:

The Cleavage Shot

There are no clear myths associated with showing cleavage in your picture. Most “experts” recommend you don’t, but everyone knows that breasts get attention, so to treat that recommendation as a “myth” would be disingenuous. But since the Cleavage Shot is the feminine analogue of the Ab Shot, and an undisputed online dating archetype, we thought we should discuss it.

Like the Ab Shot, the Cleavage Shot is very successful, drawing 12.9 new contacts per month, or 49% more than average. But unlike the Abs Shot, this positive effect actually trends against the effects of age.

As you would expect, women get fewer and fewer new messages as they age (which is a topic for another whole post!), but this decrease in new contacts is substantially slower for women with cleavage pics. A 32 year-old woman showing her body gets only 1 less message a month than the equivalent 18 year-old; an older woman not showing off gets 4 messages less, a large relative fall-off in popularity. The older the woman, the more relatively successful she is showing off her body

We find this anti-aging trend surprising. When we look further into the data, we can see that as women get older, they are more hesitant to emphasize their bodies, despite its still being a good strategy (at least in terms of message volume). Instead, they increasingly choose to show themselves in non-sexual contexts, like being outdoors:

For women in their late teens and early twenties, body pictures are the most popular type of shot; outdoor pictures are second. This ordering is reversed by the mid-twenties.

To wrap up our cleavage discussion, let’s assess the kind of messages the cleavage-showers are getting. A message like “Hey nice rack” isn’t really gonna lead anywhere, and isn’t very valuable to the recipient. We looked a level deeper and analyzed what resulted from the incoming contacts. Did the messages go unanswered? Did they turn into legitimate conversations? We didn’t go through anyone’s inbox to do this; we mathematically modeled a “conversation,” based number of messages back and forth. And we discovered the following:

This chart gives excellent insight as to why to the subject of this picture:

gets many more meaningful messages than does the subject of this one:

even though the two women are basically the same age, spend the same amount of time on the site, have similar profile length and quality, and have the same “attractiveness” as rated by OkCupid’s male population. If you want worthwhile messages in your inbox, the value of being conversation-worthy, as opposed to merely sexy, cannot be overstated.

Make sure your face is showing

We used to think that the one iron-clad rule of Internet dating photos was to at least show your face. In fact, we used to give this very advice on OkCupid’s own photo upload page:

That page reads differently now because we found that all other things being equal whether you show your face really doesn’t affect your messages at all.

When at first these results came back, we didn’t believe it. We installed all kinds of sophisticated photo analysis software libraries, ran scripts to measure the percentage of face in each of our photos, generated diabolically meaningless scatter plots:

But the facts were stubborn: your face doesn’t necessarily matter. In fact, not showing your face can in fact be a positive, as long as you substitute in something unusual, sexy, or mysterious enough to make people want to talk to you.

All of the above subjects get far more messages than average, and yet none of them have outstanding profiles. The pictures do all the work: in different ways, they pique the viewer’s curiosity and say a lot about who the subject is (or wants to be).

Of course, we wouldn’t recommend that you meet someone in person without first seeing a full photo of them, that still seems like a recipe for disaster. In the near future, we’re going to be arranging series of blind dates through the site, and profile photo accuracy vs. the success of the date will be a big part of the report. Thanks for reading.

How we collected and evaluated this data

Our data set was chosen at random from all users in big cities, with only one profile photograph, between the ages of 18 and 32. We then lopped the most and least attractive members of the pool, fearing that they would skew our results. So all the data in this post is for “average-looking people;” here’s a graphical representation of that concept for the female pool.

After a bit more sifting, we finalized our data pool at 7,140 users. Aside from running each picture through a variety of analysis scripts, we tagged, by hand, each picture for various contextual indicators. We double-checked the tags before generating our data.

To quantify “profile success” for women, we used new messages received per active month on the site.

We had to do something different than this for guys, because of the fundamentally different role they play in the online courtship process: they are the ones reaching out to new people; women send only a small fraction of the unsolicited “hellos” that men do. As you’ve seen, the metric we settled on is, “women met per attempt”, which is:

(new incoming messages + replies to outgoing first contacts)
outgoing first contacts

Basically, this is how many women a guy has a conversation with, per new woman he reaches out to, and we feel it’s the best way to measure his success per unit time on OkCupid. Note that if a guy has a particularly compelling photo, this ratio could exceed 1, as he’d be getting messages from the women who come across his profile, as well as the women he himself is reaching out to.

366 Responses to “The 4 Big Myths of Profile Pictures”

  1. Dee says:

    Interesting within a limited age range but how about some relevant data for those of us over 32.

  2. Loki says:

    This information is interesting and informative, but in some cases, not accurate. Personally I am not looking to meet new people or date. If I do not know someone in person, 99% of the time I do not add or talk to them. Also, I HATE downshot and self-shot pictures in general. I prefer straight on, distant shots. And face is important. Very important. I also like pictures where said person is intoxicated. It shows that they know how to have (in my opinion) a good time.

  3. arthur Einstein says:

    This post blows me away. Absolutely. Fascinating. Insightful. Feeds my belief that non-verbal communication rules. Thanks.

  4. Jean says:

    A-ha! It explains..

    I may say, this is pretty much awesome information you have. I mean preparing the graphs, and counting the statistics. You did good.

    And I’d like to speak out, that you are absolutely right, “Guys should keep their shirts on” !

  5. Mike says:

    I find it interesting that you overlooked one of the MOST spoken of attributes in a “closed circle” and its definitely the number one criteria for a guy yet it wasn’t addressed. SIZE. Yep, size matters! Since you’re only relating the article to visual stimulus then I’ll put the jokes aside and stick with visual acuity.

    Nothing was mentioned about a guy/gals size being a determining factor is response and As A Guy I can tell you that honestly, in no uncertain terms whatsoever that the over 30 crowd among gentlemen has a hard fast rule amongst ourselves, No Fatties. Regardless of her intellect, background, career, emotional stability, life achievements, social contribution to humanity or community, facial beauty,cup size, (women put a great deal of value on cup size but as a whole men could care less) etc, we ALWAYS look at her build and SIZE. My under 30 employees are no different when they’re speaking about women too. Number one criticism we hear is “YUCK! Fat!”. And most often its in regards to belly size.

  6. ali says:

    garder précieusement ces identifiants. Ne les communiquez à

  7. Eric W says:

    I didn’t see any mention of secondary pictures. Were all these statistics done with people with no secondary pictures. I would think that this would affect some of the results. For instance, Primary pictures with no face could be the carrot if there are secondary pictures with face and body. I would be interested in knowing the results of having one, two or all three of those types of pictures. I personally usually am not interested unless all three picture types are there. Your statistics imply to me that there ought to be a fourth – Interesting shot. A picture with 2 of the four would count as 2 to me. Also the affect of one or the other as primary. Your statistics, again, imply that the primary picture ought to be the interesting (carrot) picture. I won’t assume that is obvious since you have found some non-intuitive results.

    Thanks for the stats. – eric

  8. C DePuy says:

    This information is fascinating. I had no idea how important such little details are to one’s marketing. And congratulations for getting the plug from stumbleupon. Thats how we found this article!!!

  9. Jessie Maims says:

    “A 44yo who is finally comfortable in my skin and becoming a nudist to boot, I uploaded my profiles maximum of nine photos mostly of me while shirtless from last year. Then was very svelte and working out with weights and yoga too and like many celebrities say when taking daring and risque photos, may as well keep the best around for the memories by photographing, huh! Someday soon and already do not look quite that fit…I can say HEY THAT WAS SOMETHING, huh?

    Glad to know for a change that am on or ahead of the trend and curve for what is acceptable and hot and popular too. SO now, if anyone complains about my torso on profile, or says am too old to bare, I will send them by RSS FEED (yes, I am a geek) a copy of this post. Superb and look forward to reading more with glee…”

    But… dude.. if the OKC findings are any indication, by your age (at 31, the lines almost meet) shirtlessness will have no positive affect on your response rate.

  10. Brian says:

    So, as a male – I should have my shirt off, showing my six pack abs – with a dog sitting next to me and doing something interesting while not smiling and looking slightly off center as if entranced by something other then my picture taken.


  11. Frank says:

    One little note…

    You did study the effect on each factor separately, but not together. You have no idea if taking a picture with a dog AND while showing abs has a great effect. You should push the analysis further, with an even bigger sample, and more advanced statistics. Otherwise a great read.

  12. Anon says:

    Another related possibility for the “myspace” style photo: The angle tends to make people look more attractive than they are. In some circles it’s known as a “fat girl angle shot” – it skews perspective and hides problem areas like chins, stomachs, and arms.

  13. Adam says:

    You know what’s sad? I calculated my “women met per attempt” for the past two months, and it’s three times the average, at 1.8. I have NEVER gotten a date from this site, and I’ve been on it for almost a year now.

  14. Bill says:

    You show some nice correlations but you often assume (without evidence) the direction of cause and effect. For example, it is not necessarily the case that a woman will increase her new contacts per month by switching from not smiling or flirting or making eye contact to, instead, flirting and making eye-contact. An alternative possibility is that the women who choose to flirt and make eye-contact are more attractive to begin with. A potential explanation for this being that some external factor(s) (such as a confluence of looks and personality) causes both attractiveness and facial attitude.

    The way to test for this would be to introduce duplicate profiles of the same woman but with different photos of her each displaying a different facial attitude.

  15. Michael says:

    VERRY interesting! Have you done anything about older guys? There are seemingly a lot of us and since we probably haven’t been into the dating scene for decades need all the help we can get! You also could do something about those of us who are into alternative lifestyles.

  16. Jonathan says:

    To OkCupid scripters, mathematicians, and the like:

    A simple API allowing the public to use some of the statistical data available would be spectacular.

    Individual user information could be pre-aggregated of course to ensure privacy.

    The simple ability to compare each question to race/ religion/ sex and so on would allow us to draw wondrous conclusions about the sample here.

    Thanks for all you do.

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  18. Harlan Sheppard says:

    Interesting. It’s good that someone is making use of all that data sitting over at OkCupid.

  19. shiraz says:

    brian – brilliant reply hahah

  20. Bob says:

    1. I hope you guys realize you’re getting a lot of blogspam in your comments section.
    2. I would dearly love to see a correlation between the following three variables
    (a) frequency of initiating contact with MOTAS (source)
    (b) rate of initial messages from new contacts (target) (.. a proxy for attractiveness)
    (c) answers to the question “traditional gender roles are… outdated, undergoing a refreshing redefinition, wonderful”
    (d) gender

    In other words, do the people who claim to value non-traditional gender roles _actually_ practice them? At least in this one area.

  21. Chris says:

    Just came across this blog listening to Spark here in Canada. I’m not an internet dating fan but I am a nerd and this blog is fascinating. And Awesome! Not related to this post but a business idea. I smoke and as a laptop/tv watching lark I decided to sign up to eharmony and see how effective it was. Turns out I got matched with people that have nothing to do with me other than they live close and also smoke. they pretty much threw everything else out the door on that one. Which I get because every time I see a cute women smoking I feel like I should introduce myself since most women in the world consider me the devil himself. Smokers make up one in ten of the population, (Same as gay and lesbian), so why not make a dating site just for them. Since your mandate is based on people not meeting enough people, imagine how hard it is if 90% of those people already dislike you cause you smoke? Also, if this makes money I want a cut. Thanks for the blog guys and keep up the good work.

  22. Ian says:

    Interesting how many people (comments) when faced with real facts and data still want to ignore them.
    Here lies the problem with people who fail to date the people they want, and also fail in their careers too.
    The definition of madness is to continue doing the same thing yet expect a different result.
    Listen to the facts and act upon them, also look factually at what happens when you change something and the results which follow.
    Good informative article. I am assisting a very attractive female friend on a dating site find a partner and it is incredible the difference in results by altering small detail, it goes from no replies at all to a steady flow in change of print alone.

  23. Tyler says:

    dang, the math is quite impressive. Glad you posted how you gathered the data. Very neat to see how trends work and dont work. Keep up the good posts

  24. jean says:

    love the analysis, thank you.
    i second the request for data on those >32, say >40 years!
    in fact, i’m surprised okcupid is not yet broadly utilized with the older set. the site is fun, direct and tends toward those able to create personal content versus sit back and have a fluffy site decide the requisite ‘dimensions’.

    rock on.

  25. ann says:

    Here is my take on men with ab shots: If a man is 20, then he probably hasn’t got a whole lot else to show off, so show what you’ve got, like the article says. Also, a good body is normal at that age. If a guy is 30, or older, and *still* hasn’t got anything else going on, or is so focused on the gym that he still has those abs he had at 20, then he’s less interesting. I dated a 35 yr old guy with a great body who trained with weights and martial arts. And, while it wasn’t all he talked about, his training regiment meant he had to eat SIX times a day, and I really was not interested in constant meal breaks, talking about what he had to eat next, planning how to get it, etc. It was boring to spend the day with him and have it all revolve around when he had to eat for optimum blood sugar/muscle repair or whatever. BORING! Did I say boring?! Give me a slightly out of shape guy who reads good books any day.

  26. Skeptic says:


    However, the fatal flaw for this sort of analysis is that quantity – that is, sheer number of contacts – is taken as the only measure of success. What about quality?

    I would rather have one person of exceptional qualities – attractiveness, intelligence, values, character – contact me, than countless persons of questionable interest and intent. The study makes not mention of quality at all.

    Of course, as any woman knows, dressing like a prostitute will get attention, but is it that the attention you want? Similarly, men know that showing signs of material/financial success will bring attention, but again, is that the kind of company you want?

  27. Maris says:

    Oh great, now another 50,000 people are going to go out and get dogs to neglect.

  28. Dating Dude says:

    Guys, the best thing you can do is have a few female friends check out your profile and make suggestions. My first profile attempts included several of the myths stated above. I thne asked for feedback from female friends, and started experimenting with my profile by changing one variable at a time, starting with pictures. I found that by adding a “shirtless” pic, I increased my response rates dramatically. I have decent abs, but definitely nothing like a male model. I also added a few pictures of me doing interesting things, rather than simple head-shots. This further increased my conversion, although not by as much as adding the shirtless pic.

    Bottom line – constantly experiment with your profile until you get the best results for you, whatever those might be….

  29. Dries Bultynck says:

    So, you need a six pack and a girly face to get the most followers? Interesting article.

  30. Pies says:

    Awesome, thank you so much.

  31. haptotrope says:

    I would suggest that the “myspace shot” actually works wonders to make someone look “thinner” (pronounced jawline) than they are — and well, thinness is a virtue in the attractiveness game, without actually being a misrepresentation of self. Its a generally flattering angle that makes your lips poutier, and hides a multitude of flaws.

    One might also add to the sexiness feature, because it is what it would look like if say, to be crude, and truthful, the girl were on her knees, giving head… but I may be projecting.

    I’d love to see weight data versus attractiveness… because damn, this empirical data is sexy.

  32. Evan says:

    Certainly a worthwhile read. Now I want to know how this pans out for same-sex connections. You’ve had that balance in past studies, and I’m interested to know if the ab/cleavage shot works as well, better, or worse amongst the same-sex seeking crowd, and the same for the men and women looking away from the camera vs. into it.

    Any chance we’ll see this spun for the MSM and WSW crowd?

  33. Jim says:

    Michael said:

    “VERRY interesting! Have you done anything about older guys? There are seemingly a lot of us and since we probably haven’t been into the dating scene for decades need all the help we can get! You also could do something about those of us who are into alternative lifestyles.”

    I am almost 65, polyamorous, and a nudist. So yeah, I am very much in agreement with all of his points.

    You said:

    “In the near future, we’re going to be arranging series of blind dates through the site,”

    That sounds awesome! how soon is the near future? Will it be just for the younger set, or will it be for us old folks as well?

  34. Date the District says:

    My issue with this data is, you can’t judge the type of people who are contacting the MySpace girls and shirtless guys.

    Yes, the MySpace girls might get more messages than the English majors who use more “normal” photos, but the guys who contact them might be equally emo, unemployed 17-year-olds—not the type of guys the English majors would necessarily want to meet.

    Then again, the girls who post MySpace pictures are probably pretty compatible with the guys who post shirtless pictures. So maybe the lesson is, it’s just easier to find dates if you’re the kind of girl who makes a kissy face in her profile picture.

  35. jed says:

    man i wish i had known this when i was 15. i would have hired a trainer and got totally ripped and had abs and muscles. then i would have got tons of chicks and whatnot. now im 34 and it will be a while before i can get abs and it wont matter as much. people with good and attractive bodies who are fun have the most options. of course everyone knew that

  36. jsbobdobbs42 says:


    Nice to see my suspicions conformed. A picture of yourself doing something interesting gets half as many messages, but twice as many of those messages will result in meaningful conversations.

    That’s still half as many conversations, but, combine that with the other data and it breaks down along age lines, with more younger people online than older.

    In other words, the “myspace shot” is a tool the young use to successfully attract the young, and the “doing something” shot is a tool that adults use successfully to attract each other.

  37. straweggs says:

    Maybe the type of photo taken is correlated to attractiveness? So attractiveness needs to be controlled for when you’re making these comparisons about picture content.

  38. Mike Hill says:

    This is one of the best articles Ive read in a LONG time based on REAL data! thank you so much guys, I just posted this to all my lists and really appreciate a scientific approach to “what makes us hot or not”. After all this is all Marketing! Self marketing in this case, but still GREAT data! Love that you used “us average folk” in the data too! :) Again, you rule!

  39. Once Loved says:

    Generally I think that dating success is not about information (“knowing how”) so much as energy (“being able”), but I still feel there’s no way I could fail if I had all this data. Reading the successful messages would be key. Knowing (not guessing!) what really works: seeing it actually working. (That’s the big advantage that success early in life gives — you’ve seen it work for yourself.)

    On the other hand it’s pretty dangerous that this data exists, and that anybody has it. The world that it’s creating for those young people just beginning to exist is one full of people who know a lot more about them than they come into the world believing it is possible to know, along with exactly how to exploit that knowledge. This was always true, but the scale of observation that is made possible when interactions take place through perfectly-surveilled networks changes everything. We have no way of knowing how it will turn out; the outlines we can see are only a beginning in which what has always existed crumbles. (Maybe some science fiction author has figured out more than that. I’m incidentally reminded of the computer-controlled chastity belt worn by a character in Snow Crash.)

    The PUA material out there is pretty frightening, when you realize the level of defensiveness which young girls will have to learn to adopt, probably after trauma. They’ll be ruined for love. Of course, that has always happened. But this material might circulate so widely that this is the common experience of all young girls, and then what? Well, we know what, because it’s already happened in large part. But the trend continues.

    It’s more power than humans have the maturity (and good will) to handle. A handgun on the playground…

  40. CPT in AZ says:

    Too many generalizations being made based on the data.

    Yes, for MOST guys, shirtless pics are a bad idea because YOU are NOT in shape, NOR have muscles!

    For someone who does, is a personal trainer and has something to “work with”, showing off a “flexing” pic or muscles in general is actually one of the best things they could do based on the data.

    So to recap: Those of you metrosexuals who aren’t muscular, or those who are out of shape and older……….DO NOT go shirtless.

    There is a HUGE difference between “ab” pics and “muscle” pics. Abs don’t mean anything if you are still a skinny, average looking guy. Muscles are only there IF you workout and build them, thus, they mean more and are more impressive. For a large demographic of women, the muscle pics will also have them viewing you as more of a “protector” type guy, someone who can take care of them, which the skinny/average guys do not have the advantage of.

    All of this is moot if you don’t have an interesting profile.

    The way I see it, if a woman bypasses me because I have one “flexing” pic, she’s either very close-minded, judgemental or so out of shape that I wouldn’t be compatible with her anyway.

    Anyone who works out has a schedule and has some degree of pride in their health and appearance. To avoid showing that off because of judgmental people is ludicrous.

    Also, because I am a trainer, I would prefer a woman who is healthy…….minimally. Working out is part of that…..

    What I theorize is that women who are turned off by “muscle” pics simply realize they are in no way, shape or form able to match that, are intimidated by someone who is not “average” looking and would rather poo-poo it than give it a chance.

    Some people assume alot of things from pics, some of which just aren’t there.

  41. Shane says:


    Very interesting. This question is directed directly towards the OKCUPID STAFF-

    You failed to specify if there was no face pic to be found ANYWHERE in the profile, or just no face pic for the default, first image showing…

    I have a feeling that there MUST be a face pics SOMEWHERE in the profile. I can totally see myself being enticed to click on a default pic of a girl’s leg or back, not finding a pic of her face anywhere else in the profile, then simply moving on.. vs. being enticed to click on a leg or back, seeing a face, then deciding if shes attractive or unattractive, then deciding to message her.

    I think this would make a massive difference, and I think you would get different results overall. Please follow up. NO FACE FOR DEFAULT, OR NO FACE AT ALL?

  42. Sarah says:

    Does this mean they’ll stop deleting my tattoo photos?

  43. Aymee says:

    Wow, the number of women who prefer those cheesy shirts off guys is horrible. Why would anyone be interested in someone so self-absorbed unless they were looking for a booty call. Equally disappointing is the number of guys interested in girls making those pathetic flirty faces. It looks like their lips are infected and full of pus especially with that overly shiny lip gloss. I would be interested to see how people respond to pictures with members of the opposite sex in them. I am always seeing guys hanging all over girls. It doesn’t impress me but if it impresses the majority of the girls out there then I think society has just lost all hope.

  44. Tony says:

    You forgot something – you didn’t mention pics of women partying/hugging other guys or guys with other girls in the pic. I’ll generally pass over a woman if there is another guy in the pic.

  45. Peter says:

    so if I post a picture of me, not smiling, not looking at the camera, with my cat, and my shirt is off, that’s taken from my cellphone. I will get more hits?

    good to know. . .

  46. Stefan M. says:

    Very precise analysis … it’s hard to find someone who has actually that amount of data to extract that analysis from! There are also good good online dating tips like this here ….

  47. Datingfan says:

    this is one of the rare times when there was actually a good link on ….
    useful stuff!! thanks, okcupid!

  48. tonystony says:

    that rocks!! i am just getting my weights from the locker to do some lifting …. get ribbed abs, and then off goes the shirt! YEAH!!

  49. sed says:

    i wish i had all this information a couple of years ago, when i was still on the prawl 😉
    i’ve seen a lot of these “myspace”-style shots … they make, ummmmm, let’s say, girls that are not that perfectly built, look really slim. that’s why they use it ….

  50. Giselda says:

    I don’t choose people based on their photos anyway … isn’t that superficial?
    or am I being naive? 😉